Although often reserved for childhood fantasies, tree houses can provide a mid-life sanctuary as well. Some are whimsical, some are practical, but all are designed for hours of quality escapism. We hope these grownup tree houses will delight your inner child and appease your refined architectural taste.

We fancy this tree house by the UK-based Blueforest, a sustainable design and construction company. The architects have designed and built several lofty structures throughout Europe, from picturesque fairy tale houses to luxurious garden hideaways. We especially adore this tree house, “A Fairytale Castle,” nestled in a secret garden amongst the company of “deer, grouse and pheasants.”

Plants and greenery have almost overtaken this charming cottage-like tree house, but we think the owner must prefer it that way. Perfect for green-thumbed book lovers, this endearing tree house would be a quiet hideaway for a lazy afternoon.

Apartment Therapy featured this “Grown-Up Tree House” in a House Tour this year. At Wandawega Lake Resort, aka ‘Camp Wandawega’ in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, Tereasa Surratt & David Hernandez built this cabin chic retreat with the help of their friends.

Takashi Kobayashi, a clothing buyer turned professional tree house builder, created this remarkable bird nest of a house. It was designed for a Japanese Nescafé commercial (featuring Takashi Kobayashi and an actor drinking coffee in the tree) and built from gathered driftwood.


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